Eggplant and Turkey Marinara

Every week I make at least one large-batch pasta dish. We usually eat it for dinner with a big salad and some yummy garlic bread, and then Ryan packs it for lunch a few days during the week because he is totally fine with cold pasta (and actually prefers it to heated-up leftover pasta). I once made an eggplant and ground turkey casserole, which was actually really good. That was when I was trying out the whole lactose/dairy-free diet. (This, from the girl who can’t live without cheese. No idea what I was thinking.) This time, I wanted to add pasta to it. And add pasta I did.

My inspiration: Eggplant Marinara from Meet Penny. But I wanted more than just eggplant. I wanted some extra protein, so I added 1/2 pound of ground turkey. I also cannot find tomatoes that I really like in the grocery store, so I go with canned most of the time. (Unless my dear grandma happens to have some extra home-grown beefsteak tomatoes laying around, of course. Those are to die for.) I have to say, this was really, really good. As usual, we had a few pieces of Texas toast and a salad with it and this was enough for more than 4 dinner-sized portions.

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