Oatmeal Adventures

In my ongoing effort to eat healthier, I have decided to try eating oatmeal again. I used to eat the instant stuff as a kid and teenage – you know, overly sweet 1-minute breakfast that keeps you full for all of 10 minutes, even if you eat 2 packets.

Or was that just me? Now I feel like a bottomless pit.

Oh, wait, IĀ am a bottomless pit? Okay. All good then. šŸ™‚

Anyway, I came across the Oatmeal Artist. She is a godsend, I swear. She has made me appreciate oatmeal in all its glory again. And this time? This time I’m full for hours.

I won’t copy her recipes here – they’re very simple – instead I’ll link to all the recipes that I’ve tried (the good and the bad) from Lauren’s website. This will be an ever-expanding list, I’m sure.

*Unless otherwise stated, I use half water and half fat-free cow’s milk. Lauren uses half water and half almond milk, but I don’t like almond milk haha.

Banana Bread Oatmeal
This is the first recipe that I tried, and what convinced me that oatmeal is a good thing. Changes I made: I didn’t have rolled/old fashioned oats yet, so I used quick… I had to mix quickly, but it turned out great! (Did not use optional nutmeg.)

Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal
I doubled this recipe for a Saturday morning breakfast for Ryan and I… unfortunately I was not impressed. The consistency and texture were fine (so I know doubling the recipe didn’t cause the problem), but the flavor of pumpkin pie just wasn’t there for me. It did, however, inspire me to make real pumpkin pie, which was delicious šŸ™‚

Peanut Butter Cookie (Baked) Oatmeal
this. was. amazing. for real. The first time, I made it as written and baked it in my toaster oven – the full 18 minutes left me with a slightly over-done baked oatmeal, but it tasted fabulous. The second time I made it, I reduced the amount of peanut butter from 2 Tbsp to 1.5 Tbsp in an effort to save *some* calories, and only baked for 15 minutes. The peanut butter flavor was still prominent and it was a much better texture. I used quick oats the first time and rolled/old fashioned the second – both worked fine.

Check out Lauren’s recipe list and let me know if there are any oatmeal recipes you think I should try!