Actuarial Resources

I decided to put together a page of links to resources that I have found helpful during my journey of studying for the actuarial exams. This list will grow as I progress. Please enjoy.

Exam Study Guides
Exam P – Actex manual
Exam FM – ASM manual
Exam MFE – ASM manual, ADAPT practice exam system
Exam C – ASM manual, Coaching Actuaries e-course and ADAPT practice exam system

General Resources
The Actuarial Outpost – A very active community of actuaries and actuaries-to-be. The members in the non-exam-related forums can be a bit harsh at times, but the exam forums are full of great, helpful people who have been in your shoes or who are going through the process with you.
Be An Actuary – A great resource for everyone in any stage of becoming an actuary, from college students who don’t even know what an actuary is or how to become one to students who are almost done the exams and don’t know what the next step is.
SOA Education and Requirements – for obvious reasons haha


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