Student Loan Debt + Repayment Progress

Considering that my blog title is TheActuarialChef and not just TheChef, I am thinking that some who read this blog may be interested in more than just recipes. If you’re not interested in anything but recipes, feel free to skip this post.

This is where it gets personal. I’ve contemplated posting vs. not posting this content, but I feel like I have to. Too many times have I thought I was the only one in this scenario. There may very well be readers out there who think they’re alone in this. If I can make even 1 person feel less alone, then this post (and the ones to follow) is a success.

I graduated college in 2011 with a LOT of debt; almost $90,000 if we’re being completely honest. This year, I have decided to track my progress in paying down that debt visually, and share it with you.

Behind the scenes, I have spreadsheets and word documents with relevant (personal) data. But that information is for my eyes only. Here, I’m going to post a monthly debt update/ summary.

Enjoy the fancy graphs and let me know how much more of this type of content you want in the comments below.

So, here is my progress as of March 31, 2014:

2014-03-24 Student Loan Progress


And the running total (updates automatically, so may not be accurate if you’re not reading this in April 2014 :)):


Do you have student loans or consumer debt?
Do you have a plan to pay it off?
Are you interested in hearing more about my plans, or do you want this blog to continue to focus on recipes and the like?

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